About Us

Flaming Medusa started in 2008 with the goal of making skilled animation services available to companies across the United States.

We are made of a small and experienced core team that is supplemented by US-based freelancers, giving us the flexibility to work on a wide variety of projects.

From broadcast animation to animated web series to e-cards, we have the skills and the experience to give you polished and professional content that you will be proud of.


  • Tom Beuerlein

    President/ Creative Director

    Tom is President and Creative Director of Flaming Medusa Animation LLC. His expertise in character animation and acting has been sought by clients such as Ted-Ed, WGBH Boston, and TV shows. His background in comedy, improv, and comedic writing bring life to Flaming Medusa’s projects.

  • Darcy Vorhees


    Darcy is an entrepreneurial animation designer, illustrator, storyboard artist and animation consultant whose work is infused with humor, emotion, and imagination. Her experience with commercial, television, and feature production has allowed her to bring top-notch productions to a broad range of clients both locally and nationally. She retired from Flaming Medusa in 2016 but continues to offer support as needed to the company.

  • Zach Paulus


    Zach is a 2D animator and illustrator from midwestern Ohio. He loves to travel, camp, explore and is an active member of the Ghostscouts. Beneath his stunning mane lies a wealth of cartoon knowledge.