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Character Design Process

Animation Character Design Process

These are some character designs from the vaults. They have been brought back into the daylight to demonstrate the character design process we do here at Flaming Medusa Animation. These particular drawings were done by founder Darcy Vorhees.

The client provided descriptions of the personalities of the characters along with their script and a few conversations about the project. From there, Darcy started doing sketches to test a variety of looks. Here you see the ones she chose to share with the client. These are Asimov and Gustav, who were supposed to be sort of like “bad guys” in the story. Also included is quick design of a costume change that the first character would have.

After seeing these the client wanted Asimov to be less like a brute but still ominous looking. his body type was changed to one that may not beat you up in bar, but you would definitely need to watch your back if you messed with him because he solves his problems intellectually and has others carry them out.

Here are a few more of the main characters, about midway through their development. These guys are a group of friends who display varying degrees of responsibility, optimism, and grumpiness.

And here they are again, with changes, in a line-up for size comparison with some other characters that were being worked on. The additional characters are first round sketches.

From here it would have continued to clean up and then creation of rotations of each character, then color. And there you have it- a glimpse into the character design process at our studio.

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