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Animation Demo Reel Breakdown:

The Ruff Ruffman: Humble Media Genius series by WGBH and PBS Kids

  • We made storyboards, animatics, animation and additional prop designs. We also worked with and added to an existing library of character and prop designs for the licensed characters.

Wookie Slows It Down, animated music video

  • Flaming Medusa created this entire video to provided music by Mad Anthony.

Pirate School, an educational pilot for kids

  • Created animated intro and scene transitions for a pilot- we developed all animation designs, storyboards, and animation.

Team Toon, a combo live action/animated series created by Larry Schwarz and his Band and distributed via Netflix

  • We pitched in with supplemental animation/rotoscoping services.

Lighthouses, traditional 2D animation teaching the function and history of the lighthouse

  • Hand drawn pencil animation made by Flaming Medusa.

Samples of animation from various educational animated videos made for TEDed

  • For these projects we worked with educational teams to produce accurate videos about a diverse range of subjects to provided voice over and script.

Science animation for the Biologee RAP series of educational biology videos for students of many ages

  • We worked with a scientific review group to create accurate designs and animations of body processes. We were given the music track and we used and added to a library of existing designs and animation.

Castle Cats, an original animated series

  • This is an animated series created by Flaming Medusa President, Tom Beuerlein that is in the development process.

For more examples of our work, check out the rest of the Flaming Medusa Animation portfolio.

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Client: Various

October 12, 2016