Making an Animated Science Video

Making an animated science video.

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The Problem

Biologee RAP had to get an animated science video made, but was having trouble finding the right animators. They needed artists who could understand scientific terms, could interact with science experts, and who would be able to understand this detailed process well enough to show it simply and clearly to students.

Luckily, Flaming Medusa is filled with smarty-pants types.

How We Solved It

We scoured scientific reference, then made an animated storyboard that showed the client a blueprint of their video.  This was then reviewed by a bunch of scientists. They gave us detailed notes on various points that we needed to adjust for the sake of accuracy. We made the corrections, completed the animation, and it was sent back for review. After watching it again, the group changed their minds about the amount of information that needed to be conveyed. So, we made adjustments as needed and pared it down.

To keep the budget manageable we used some of the company’s existing designs and animation that they had created for previous videos. New designs and animations that we made were also incorporated into their design library so the client could use them again whenever they needed to, with or without us. But of course they were happy so they came back to us again.

This is how a snappy song that sneakily teaches you complex multi-syllabic scientific vocabulary was born.

About This Animated Science Series

“BIOL-O-GEE R.A.P.™” is a series of animated music videos for high school and college science students. However, it is also enjoyable for students of all ages. In this video, you are taken on an animated voyage through the circulatory system. Follow the blood as it courses through the pulmonary circulation and the systemic circulation during one cardiac cycle.

Want to See More?

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Client: Biologee RAP

September 13, 2016