Pirate School

Billy Bones pirate on dolphin

Pirate School! is a madcap, swashbuckling solo variety show created and performed by veteran New York physical comedian and actor David Engel; available for theaters, festivals, libraries, camps and private events nationwide.

This riotous, interactive pirate escapade satisfies children’s universal curiosity for the briny buccaneers of yore, while promoting everyday polite behavior and social-courage.

Flaming Medusa worked with Pirate School creator David Engel to create materials for a pilot and network pitch of the show.  We developed his character Billy Bones into an animated character, created an animated opening sequence for the pilot, and also made animated interstitials using themes of pirates and the ocean to act as transitions between different segments of the show.

The crowning jewel of this project is a traditionally animated educational film about the history of lighthouses.

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Client: David Engel

September 13, 2016