The Turkey


Delve into the tooniverse of Dylan, Sam, Iko and Ash with TEAM TOON as their cartoons come to life. The series follows the toon-infused adventures of Dylan, Sam, Iko and Ash, the creators of an animated online series Psycho Squirrel. When trouble strikes they let their imaginations run wild as TEAM TOON, their half-animated, half-live action alter-egos. Maybe their toon-infused adventures are real. Maybe they’re not. It really doesn’t matter to Team Toon as these kids take their play seriously.

Flaming Medusa provided animation support services to NYC animation production studio Larry Schwartz and His Band.

Comedy, 26 episodes

Available on Netflix USA

Episodes Flaming Medusa contributed to:

Ep 4- The Turkey

Ep 5- The Secret Room

Ep 6- Frozen Peas

Ep 9- VDay

Ep 13- Chess

Ep 16- Dog Days

Ep 18- The Kid with the Beard


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